11 Irrelevant Things People Judge You For

The other day I was watching a show with my friend and we continuously made fun of the host and how he spoke. At that time it seemed really funny and we had a good laugh. But, later I felt bad for making fun of the show and that was actually stupid for judging the fan base. Every day you find people judging you for small irrelevant things that don’t even matter. Born Realist shines a light on 11 irrelevant things that people are judging you for.

11. Your Music Genre:

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This is one of the common reasons you will find people judging you. Especially, if you like bands that are rare and not many people know of. People assume that everything you do which they do not know about is worthless. Music has a special meaning for everyone. It helps people cope with grief, depression and even help in uplifting their sad souls. No matter what band or music genre you like, never let opinions of others stop you from enjoying your taste in music.

10. Your Work:

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You might be one of those who thinks people will be judging you for where you work and how you make your living. In fact, that is true. Shallow people judge others for their work. They don’t know that the lady is doing her job intentionally or maybe trying to make ends meet. Next time someone starts judging you for where you work, tell them proudly of the profession that does not let you go empty stomach to bed.

9. When You Sleep:

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You don’t know but most people are judging you by what time you go to bed. They assume that late night sleepers are generally lazy or they procrastinate. The night is meant for sleep but most people do not realize is that someone might be returning home from a late night shift. Some person is late night studying or other is just busy dreaming. No matter what, don’t let others’ judgments define who you are and what you want to do with your life.

8. Who You Love:

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This is one of the most common irrelevant things people are normally judging you for. They will pass negative comments and even make fun of your love life or who you love. Remember love has no age, racial or religious differences. Who you choose to love is solely your choice and you should continue loving this person without worrying about people judging you.

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7. Your Friend’s Circle:

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There are people in your life who will be judging you for your friend’s circle and people you hang out with. Most people who are not blessed to have good friends are the jealous ones and tend to make negative comments and judge you. Your friends are a crucial part of your life. If they make you feel good about you, then hold onto them and never let them go, regardless of what people say.

6. Political Preferences:

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When it comes to politics you will find every opposing party and stranger judging you for what you stand for. We believe that people supporting a particular political party might have certain views and are ever ready to even kill. Looking down upon people based on their political views has become a routine for most.

5. Religious Background:

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One of the most common and disappointing things people are judging you is of your religious background. I know we are living in the 21st century but we are still intolerant of each other’s religious beliefs and standpoints. We stereotype people and label particular religious groups with offending names.

4. Where You Shop:

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Generally, your elite friends feel they have a free pass for judging you for where you shop and buy your clothes. If you have ever bought clothes and shoes from Walmart or Dollar General, you will be able to relate to all the judgments from people. On the other hand, if they ever see you shopping at one of the branded stores they will give you special treatment and might even let you sit with them at the lunch table.

3. What Phone You Have:

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I mostly see this war on the internet where people are fighting over IOS and Android, iPhone users constantly judging Samsung Users over their choice of technology. For once, we need to let each other live in peace. Remember you don’t have to go beyond your means if you can’t afford something. Most people I know are genuinely very happy with all they have. A piece of technology cannot define your happiness or your worth.

2. The Choices You Make:

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People will be quick in judging you for the choice you make and the mistakes you made. If by chance you made a bad decision, people will rub it in your face till they have had all the fun in humiliating you. Don’t let these people make you feel bad for your choices. You are the owner of your choices and you alone will bear the consequences of it.

1. Your Past:

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At some point in your life, when you are ready to move on from your troubling past, people will be ready for judging you and reminding you of every single mistake you made in the past. Remember your past is gone, no amount of grief or judgments can bring it back. Don’t let people dwell on you and your well-being.

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Article By: Born Realist