10 Ways Your Smartphone Can Save Your Life

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Technology has taken us places; ever since the first computer came into being the human civilization has improved it’s quality of living by leaps and bounds and maybe the biggest innovation today is our handheld smartphone through which, we can access all kinds of information. It help us to build comfortable lives . Here are some smart phone hacks that can really help you out in tight situations.

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10. Helps you safely get home:

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Now there are several apps that you can turn on when your crossing a potentially dangerous area. You can simply turn them on and press on the button if you turn it off and don’t press in a code the app will automatically contact the police.

9. Night Vision:

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Night vision was developed originally for military use. It was a secret technology at the time and was widely used for purposes such as navigation, surveillance, security and targeting. Law enforcement has used night vision to discover items that have been hidden or disturbed as thermal imaging. This allows them to search for areas that have been disturbed, that might not be visible to the naked eye. And now thanks to modern technology we have night vision apps in our app stores and at times pre-installed into our cameras.

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8. Medical apps:

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Smartphones now allow you to make a medical ID. So if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation you can call for help and people will see your medical ID that can be formed in “Emergency” in IOS and “Emergency call” on Android.

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7. Detect if your getting a stroke or a heart attack:

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A smart phone manufacturer company has launched an ECG containing smartphone. Once you rest your fingers on the phones back buttons it monitors your ECG patterns allowing you to monitor your ECG patterns using algorithms and helps predict if you may be at risk of a stroke or a heart attack.

6. It can help make sure your driving safely:

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Honda has manufactured a new app that helps you drive more safely than ever before. It connect to your car and help you locate it. It allows you to share your location if your stuck in traffic and can’t attend a call. It also monitors your cars health and gives an automatic response if your car isn’t working allowing the Honda helpline to reach you immediately.

5. Weather notifications:

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Our phones today are installed with weather apps that help us in predicting the oncoming weather. It help us in many ways. It saves us from n sandstorms, hurricanes and torrential downpours, because the climate is always changing and unpredictable, and it can always turn from sunny morning to a storm of biblical proportions. We have our smartphones to thank for saving the day by giving us a handy weather forecast whenever we need it!

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4. Can diagnose vision disorders:

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NETRA is a simple device priced around two dollars that uses your cameras resolution to help diagnose eye related disorders including cataract. This little device can even give you an appropriate eye prescription for corrective lenses you may require.

3. Can help you record a crime in progress:

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It is sad that we would need our smartphones for this kind of stuff but life is unpredictable so its always better to be prepared. If you are ever worried that you may become a victim or witnessing one from afar you can use apps like Facebook live, mobile justice and periscope to quickly record any evidence you might require.

2. Survival apps:

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No one can predict the future and no one can tell you what you might encounter in your life, so its better to have a survival app in your phone for the purpose of an emergency. Excellent survival apps include the “Army survival guide” a fourteen hundred page manual that will help you out in any situation.

1. Never lets you get lost:

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You are never lost if you have your smartphone with you, with apps like google earth that can use your GPS. You can find a nearby road or a gas station or even a lake!

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Whatever your looking for. Now there are hundreds of apps available to help you find your way home.

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