Here Are 10 Types Of Men Who Won’t Marry You

Marriage is an extremely important constitution in everyone’s life. Have you ever taken time out to think that there is actually some sort of boys present who are not going to marry you ever? Have you ever thought that there is a special category of guys you should just avoid? Those guys are not good for you. If you will get into a relationship with them, that relationship will become a headache for you. If all of these things have gone through your mind ever then you are not alone. There are a lot of women out there who are going through the same thought process.

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There are a lot of guys who are with you for mere time pass. They do not want to attain, they are just playing around with you. So, if you encounter any such guy, start ignoring him as much as you can. Down below are some types of men present who you are not going to marry you. Stop chasing them right now:

10. Guy Hung Up To Ex:

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There are a lot of guys who are with you for just a good hang out time. They do not really want you. They just want to do hanky-panky with you. He is not emotionally attached to you. That guy will be hung up with his ex even after breaking up with her. So, stop being with that guy.

9. Not Ready Yet:

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A guy who says such a thing can never be the man of your dreams. A man who is with you since so long. A man who gets so close to you in no time. And after all that while he suddenly starts saying that he is not ready to take the relationship on next level. That guy cannot be serious with you ever. Open your eyes and realize your worth.

8. Searching For Better Version:

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A man who is always in the search of some good version of you is also a kind of guy you should just keep a distance from. How can such a guy be sincere with you? If he is that serious about you or loves you with all his heart then why would he look around for a better version of you?

7. Confused About Career:

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If you like a guy who is of 40 something age and still does not have a proper way of earning money, that guy cannot be the right guy for you. He is of such a mature age and is not able to pay his bills. How can you marry such kind of man? That man will never be able to keep you happy. He won’t be able to fulfill your needs and will always keep you in a hand to mouth sort of situation.

6. 50 And Not Married:

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The guy who is 50 something and has not been married yet. On asking the question that why is he still single, he will always answer that he is ready but he cannot because he has not found the one he is waiting for. The woman of his dreams. When will you ask him about what is your future with him? What made you so special that he will marry you and trust me he would not be able to answer your question.

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5. Do Not Believe In Monogamy:

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The person who is not serious about you will never think about marrying you. When you love a person you would want to take that relationship to next step. But this sort of person will never be able to take this relationship to some higher level. That guy would not be faithful to you. And how a guy like that can keep you happy? How can that sort of person will make your life beautiful?

4. Self-Centered Person:

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A self-centered person can never keep anyone happy. A guy who is just in love with himself can never keep you happy. Always keep a person close to you who will keep you at your utmost priority. So a self-centered person will not keep you happy in the future. That guy will not marry you ever either.

3. Kids Are My Priority:

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That sort of guy is not an easy one to tackle. Initially, you will find him endearing because you will notice how dedicated he is towards children. You will feel that how much that guy is dedicated towards children of other people and how much he will keep your children happy in the future. But after a while, you will realize that he is not concerned about you. He just cares about the children and he does not care an inch about you. You will always be waiting for a little time in his life. So, such kind of man will never marry you.

2. Dates Other Women:

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The guy who dates other women can never find you enough for him. He will never stick to you only. He will always keep an eye on other women. So, think thrice before committing to such kind of guy. Just think how is he going to love you when he is not going to stick to you only. And that guy is most probably not going to marry you.

1. Man Who Thinks You Are With Him Because Of His Money:

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This sort of guy who has such kind of thoughts in his mind will never marry you. As he will only feel that you want to be with so that you can spend his cash. He will not feel that you love him or want to live with him for real. He has a mindset which revolves around money only and so he will consider you in the same radar as well. So, keep yourself at distance from that guy as he will not be marrying in near future.

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