10 Tips On How To Become The Person You Want To Be

‘I wish I was like that’ these words are often heard around you. Nothing ever remains the same, everything changes. Everyone wants to be someone but not everyone has the ability to go through the changes required to be that someone. Here are few ways through which you can turn into the person you want to be:

10. Look Around For Motivation:

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What is it that motivates you to get up every morning? Every day the first thing you should do after waking up is to remind yourself about your motivation. It could simply be a small quote reminding you to not to give up or it could be the treat you will give to yourself after completing your task. Whatever it might be, always keep your motivation in front of you.

9. Incorporate Self-Care In Your Routine:

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In order to be someone you want, adopt habits that are necessary to be goal oriented. Most importantly you need to incorporate self-care habits. The only way one can succeed is through being healthy, having a clear and fresh mind. In order to be whoever you want to be you need to have a mind, body and soul balance which can be achieved through self-care.

8. Be Accountable For Your Actions:

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Be responsible for anything you do no matter whatever the result is. Always be accountable for your own actions. Ask yourself daily if you would not do something that needs to be done. What will you be putting at stake, how will it affect you? Make it your mantra and work hard.

7. Setbacks Should Be A Source Of Lessons:

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Setbacks should not make you upset or embarrass, neither should they make you question your abilities. Setbacks should be a way to gain experience, lessons, and strength. Everyone has to deal with setbacks at some point in his life. Deal with them, not like who you are, deal like the person you want to be.

6. Don’t Compare Yourself Under Any Circumstances:

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Looking towards people who are more successful can only make you feel inferior and worthless if you constantly keep on comparing yourself to them. What you have to understand is that they are in another phase of life and you are on another. They got there going through the phase you are already on. If you want to look at them then look up to them for inspiration rather than feeling inferior.

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5. Be Consistent And Have Realistic Goals:

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Make one plan, set a specific goal and no matter what stick to it. The key to being the person you want to be is to stay consistent. Consistency is important in all phases of life. To make everything absolutely real, write down your goals and plans, update the progress regularly and make them your priority.

4. Be Positive:

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Staying positive is important. If you always mentally curse yourself you will never have the ability to get up and do something. Be the best version of yourself and the only competition for you should be yourself and goal should be to become better than who you are.

3. Design A Timeline:

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For an idea to become a reality, it has to go through a specific number of steps. Create a timeline in which you describe all the steps you will have to go through. Set specific working dates and deadlines for every step leading you to the final step, the ultimate goal.

2. Don’t Try To Overdo Yourself:

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One thing at a time is the way to go. If you try to deal with multiple parts of your life at once you will fail. Divided concentration will not let you focus on any task and at the end of the day, you will not be able to achieve anything. Keep your focus on one goal at a time and work on it.

1. Have Patience:

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Sometimes you will achieve your goals before the set time and sometimes it will take years to do so. Things change, situations change and they affect you in many unexpected ways so just be patient, don’t lose track of your goals and work hard.

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