10 Things Really Smart People Do and Average People Don’t

Learning does not come naturally.

Smart People Learn From Other’s Mistakes, Not Just Their Own

Smart people often don’t make the same mistakes that others have already. They learn from others mistakes and success. However, that’s not to say that smart people don’t also learn from their own mistakes. Smart people just take it a step further to include pitfalls that other people have already fallen into.

Are Not Just Book Smart 

Smart people are aware that skills such as effective communication or selling can only be acquired through actual time with clients and colleagues in that specific field. They are eager to get out into the world to find out every skill that would be required of them should they try to make a name for themselves. This is the key to street smarts.

They rest and recharge

Hard work is the key to success.Successful people work hard and then unplug so they can refresh their minds and bodies. If you’ve been pushing it to the limit, think about unplugging for a long weekend or more. Once you get back to the grind, you’ll be more effective at getting the results you want.

Argue With Yourself:


Smart people have accepted that their own brains will make careless mistakes all the time. Most of which usually go unnoticed until way after the mistake has been made. They purposely initiate minor arguments with themselves just to be 100% sure that they have done the right thing. Anyone who is at peace with the flaws of their own brain is ready for it to mess up by ignoring a simple fact or forgetting the rules of a system they are already familiar with.

They constantly learn

Smart people believe that learning never ends. This doesn’t mean they’re going to school to get new degrees, although they may. Even without formal education, they’re constantly reading and learning from others around them, perhaps from books, trade magazines or conferences, or from others who are ahead of where they want to be.

Smart People Evaluate Their Options

The choices you take and the decisions you make are what define your personality. Never put yourself in a position to choose the wrong path of action by rushing a choice. Smart people evaluate each option at hand before deciding on any one. The basic idea is to dodge making bad choices by always trying out various options before deciding on a path of action.

Smart People Challenge Norms

Smart people don’t simply accept something because it’s common knowledge or because that’s the way we’ve always done it. Instead, smart people challenge norms and fight for the right. These people are called crazy people.

They take responsibility

Smart people know that they are the masters of their own destiny. You don’t hear them complain about the things that stopped them from success. You won’t hear them make excuses. Instead, they push forward knowing that they are the only thing that will make or break their success.

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