10 Productive Things That You Should Be Doing In The Morning For Healthier Living

Healthier living guarantees longevity and a disease-free life. But what really is healthy living? Is it a low carb diet? or is it a good dose of exercise and fresh air in the morning? Is it simply positive thoughts? The truth is that healthy living is a combination of positive psychology, a balanced diet, and physical activity. It also lies in taking care of your sleep and having a good laugh or a heartfelt cry every now and again.

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Scientists have agreed that a healthy life that guarantees longevity and happiness, is a combination of many small habits that have an impact on you mentally and physically. So, in order to promote a healthier lifestyle among our readers, we’ve decided to list out some productive things that will improve your mental and physical health and will ultimately lead to healthier life. Because it is very rightly said that,

“Those who think that they have no time for healthy living will soon have to make time for illness.”

10. Meditation or praying:

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If you’re religious I strongly recommend praying and giving thanks for the new day that has brought to you, and if you aren’t religious I believe that meditating and giving thanks to whatever entity you believe created the universe will give you a sense of satisfaction and will shed off some of the weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders from yesterday into the new morning.

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I believe it’s very important to practice gratitude in one’s life, even in the bleakest of times. God know’s there’s always something to look forward too tomorrow even when we can’t see it and the new day brings new encounters. It’s essential to understand that being human means that we can always come back from the mistakes we’ve made and don’t have to be defined by something we’ve done in the past.

“Dwelling on past decisions, you’ve made that allows those decisions to keep defining you. Forgive yourself and move on.”

9. Excercise:

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Wake up early and don’t hit the snooze button, jump out of bed, brush your teeth, (really don’t forget to brush your teeth) and exercise! Exercising early has thousands of benefits, but I’m guessing the one you’ll be most interested in is that it gets the exercising out of the way early in the morning and then you don’t have to worry about it once you’re done with your daily activities in the evening. Cycling is also a great thing in exercise you can read more about Health Benefits Of Cycling For Women.

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An early morning exercise routine will not only help keep your metabolism sharp it’ll help you sleep better at night as well. Socrates has something very beautiful to say about fitness that I believe should be motivation enough for any female embarking on a new workout plan,

“It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength of which her body is capable.”

8. Have some tea:

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Has your nose been stuffy because of the changing weather lately? Drink some green tea, try all of them and sit down somewhere quiet and private, possibly a place that overlooks some greenery and simply sip your tea and give your thoughts to settle before you start off your busy day.

“Where there is tea, there is hope.”-Sir Authur Pinero

7. Read a few chapters of a book:

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Start a good thought-provoking book and read just a few chapters if you don’t have time for more, it will clear up your mind and increase your creativity by a hundred folds. If you like reading novels than catch up on some of that, you don’t have to read too much if you don’t have time, but reading even a few pages will allow you to escape reality and believe it or not that is going to be perfect for your body. In the words of Matthew Kelly,

“Reading is to the mind what excercise is to the body and prayer is to the soul.”

6. Have a filling breakfast:

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After your done with your exercising and your reading and your reflecting, make yourself something healthy but filling and eat to your full. It’s very important to have a good large breakfast because it keeps you active and awake for a while providing you energy for the entire day.

5. Catch up on some work:

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If you have something pending doing it early morning will increase your productivity like nothing else will, it’s always beneficial to have something out of the day before your work hours start.

4. Listen to music or play an instrument:

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Play an instrument or listen to some music, it will allow yourself to calm down and benefit by putting you in a creative mood. It will also help you loosen and prepares you for the day ahead of you.

3. Walk your dog:

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If you have a pet early mornings are perfect for those long overdue walks that you can’t seem to make time for and have to keep postponing. Get your canine out and have some fun, it’s always nice to have some time to enjoy with your pet as well.

2. Spend some time with your spouse:

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If you both have a difficult and busy timetable then there’s nothing like mornings to bring back some of the love and romance back into your relationship. Plan morning walks together or simply have tea or coffee and just talk about your day and work and about each other as well. Bonding time is very important in a relationship.

1. Spend some time planning your outfit for the day:

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If you haven’t had the time to plan what you’re going to wear than early mornings are the perfect time to touch up your makeup or plan a nice outfit. This will allow you to be happier through the day and will have you feeling more confident about yourself, remember looking good and feeling good can take you places nothing else can.

Article by Born Realist