10 Habits of Highly Attractive People

Being attractive is a combination of many things, its the way you look of-course, but it’s also the way you walk, how you carry yourself, the image you amplify and the energy you radiate.

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We all have personal preferences, every person has their own sense of attractive and different people like different things. But some qualities simply stand out and are always appreciable and liked all round. We’ve made a list of them and hope we can help in your self improvement, as all people should at all times. So here are 10 qualities that make you attractive and likable almost instantly:

10) Sense of humor:

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People all around, of all kinds, appreciate someone with a good sense of humor, or at-least someone who can laugh at his or her problems and has an optimistic look on life. Life is often hard and being able to laugh through the difficult times is an extremely attractive quality, it proves a persons strength, often earning respect.

9) Connected with people deeply:

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Caring and kindness may seem stupid and a waste of time on several occasions, but is extremely appreciated. Most people don’t take the time to truly get to know the people around them, their lives are shallow, and having a shallow partner isn’t extremely difficult, it’s a torture. So a caring and listening person who actually gives a damn is one of the most attractive things out there.

8) Give the people around you priority:

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Giving friendships and relationships priority is important and essential to live a good fulfilled life, being self-centered often hurts and burns more than it gives, and despite the fact that its good to give yourself central importance, its also important to see that the people around you aren’t neglected and know that they can count on you when they need you. A person who is often available and takes care of someone becomes instantly attractive in their eyes.

7) Your confident about yourself and reflect it:

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Confidence is extremely attractive and being sure about yourself is an instant way to bring people closer to you. A confident aura is magnetic, it radiates people around you, this does not mean that a person should start acting pompous or showy to appear confident it simply means that your more sure of yourself, in a calmer and quieter way. Because confidence like all things comes in many forms and talking too much isn’t a sure clear way to see if someone is confident, in-fact confidence has nothing to do with being extroverted or introverted, it is simply the belief you have in yourself that others can sense as well.

6) Be mindful of the world around you, but don’t forget to dream a little too:

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Being realistic is an important trait, that people often subconsciously look for, there is nothing more attractive for women than finding a serious man who makes the world around him seriously and are ready to accept things as they are instead of running from problems, maturity is undoubtedly attractive. On the other side of the spectrum, men prefer women who are softer and more dreamy than ones who are more brash and harsh, either way, it is important to be a mix of both these things, one should have his feet firmly planted on the ground and his head in the sky.

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5) Know your self worth:

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Being an individual human being of immense variation instantly makes you worth just as much as any other being on the planet does, so know who you are and how important you are to this world and its existence, and when you finally realize your worth for yourself, the people around you will as well. The key to social interaction is simple, you will reflect your own opinions about yourself and so the people around you will pick up on the energy and feel the same way as well. A person who is self assured is often attractive and looked up to in many situations.

4) Have an open mind:

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Having an open mind is not just important, it is essential. Through your life you will meet all kinds of people, all of which will have lived immensely different life than yours, you will need to accept them just as they are and will have to try to understand them from their own perspective. Having an open mind is often referred to as a maturity trait, something that develops in mature and reasonable. People who are closed minded are often frowned upon, just like they have been frowning on others.

3) Decision making ability:

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What makes a leader attractive? is it his or her charisma? Or is it his or her confidence? Or is it both of these things and several other factor combined? Well, everything a leader is stems from a simple quality, his or her decision making ability. People who can stand firm on their own two feet and can stand the pressure of making a choice are looked on with admiration and are extremely attractive.

2) Give yourself enough time and importance:

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Always remember, this is your life, not the other guys, so remember to make sure that in everything you do you also thinking about yourself, people who take care of themselves aren’t too much involved in other peoples lives are often deemed more attractive than ones who are always readily available, remember that you have every right to put yourself first.

1) Move your body a little:

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Beauty is simply maintenance, and a healthy body is not just attractive its essential for a happy life. Start off a small exercise routine and keep building from that, always take out some time in your day for it and you’ll see the miracles it can do for your confidence and your self esteem making you a lot more attractive because of your mindset and your physical appearance as well.

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Article by: Born Realist