10 Foods To Avoid For The Flat Belly You’ve Always Wanted

We have all had that dream of having a flat belly, through time and time again we have tried to lose that stubborn belly fat and in pursuit of a more slimmer body we exercise and try to adopt a healthy diet plan, but several times we fail to see even the smallest of differences! We end up wondering why. We at Born Realist get your struggle and know where you are coming from. Here is a list of foods that you might be snacking on that are stopping you from getting that slim waist you want and completely deserve!

10. Alcoholic Beverages:

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Alcoholic beverages may be rich in calories but that’s not the reason why we have put them on the list its because of the fact that they disrupt the brains thinking in such a way as to make it believe that the stomach is not full even when it is and that is also the reason why you always accompany your drink with a snack.

9. Soft Drinks:

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This is something that most of us know about but we still choose to ignore, because soft drinks are just too good to leave but nothing in life comes easy and that slender body you have always dreamed of is one of those things. Even low-calorie drinks add to your abdominal weight. It is important to avoid high sugar content containing drinks. On average soft drinks contain twenty teaspoons full of sugar.

8. Chewing Gum:

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This is not something we expected to be putting on this list but it turns out that gum actually stimulates the walls of your stomach to produce more gastric juice, which is actually composed of acid and acid is responsible for the digestion of your food, so by chewing gum you feel more hungry, because of the higher quantity of food being digested, so tough luck to all the gum addicts out there but if that slim body is your actual goal maybe you should consider finding a new hobby!

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7. Too much sodium:

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A low sodium diet is essential for a healthy life as it not only helps to maintain your blood pressure but it also helps you to lose your belly fat easily and effectively, this is solely because of the fact that sodium helps the body to retain water, which is actually a good thing but if taken in excessive amounts in actually adds up to your belly fat. In-fact, lowering the sodium content of your diet can actually help you lose weight faster and if your going through a rough no-weight loss patch in your diet plan, cutting off some sodium might just do the trick and help you get back on the weight-loss train!

6. Fast Food:

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Well most of us know that fast food is not good for us, as we all know that fast food is one of the chief factors contributing to belly fat but since its a factor affecting your abdominal weight as well we had to put it on the list. Fast foods are not just a major no if your losing weight, they are also a major health hazard. So, if your going to a fast food restaurant, you might want to think about the hyper-acidity, angina pains, and that high cholesterol we don’t want to think about and all those other problems that accompany belly fat and overall accumulation of fat.

5. Mayonnaise:

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Well if you love to eat mayonnaise or salads that use mayonnaise as a dressing you should remember that it contains a lot of fat, in-fact as much as eighty five percent! so it’s best to stay away from these type of products but if you can not let go then don’t worry, we have got the same problems and have  you covered for suitable alternatives! Try using vegetable puree or natural tomato paste both of which are low fat products and are excellent companions for your salads.

4. French fries:

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Everybody loves french fries and its hard not to! That is why its so hard for us to tell you you can’t have them. the pure carbohydrate that potatoes contain and the oil that we fry them in as a combination is major no if your looking to lose weight! Like any other food that is fried in oil these act like a sponge and in turn absorb all the saturated fatty acids tricking the brain into believing that the body isn’t actually gaining any weight at all! Its important to avoid french fries if your looking to bring a flat tummy to the beach this summer!

3. Ice cream:

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Ice-Creams are rich in sugar and we already know that they are, but in-order for a churning ice mixture to be technically termed an ice cream it should originally be ten percent milk, and milk fat is composed mainly of cholesterol, another thing that places ice cream on our list is that its dairy based and eating too many carbohydrates is a major way of  gaining weight, especially belly fat.

2. Foods that make you bloat:

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Now we have all experienced a healthy dosage of gas after having beans and for some people gas evolves into gastrointestinal problems, well we are the thing about these foods is that they can also help in the accumulation of belly fat, several people that eat large helping of such foods end up with belly fat, so it is better to eat them in small helpings as they have their advantages as well.

1. Those sugar free products we end up buying:

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Here is the catch with these things, the label that says sugar free does not actually mean that it does not contain sugar at all, the only thing it actually says is that your product does not contain table sugar or white sugar. The product still carries sugars from milk and fruits. And whats even more shocking is that the same statement can be slapped on to products that contain less than 0.5 grams per serving. And you know like we do that even a little bit of sugar from here and there ends up to total that belly fat we are trying to lose in the first place!

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 Article by: Born Realist