Here Are 10 Extremely Effective Home Remedies for Healing Gums

Beauty is combination of things, hair, cloths, makeup and a pretty smile. And we all want to be beautiful; so what should we do if our gums are bleeding or hurting all the time? Well, we find a remedy of-course! We at Born Realist have made a list of natural materials and organic remedies and recipes that can help heal your gums and what’s best is that they’re easy to make and since the materials used are perfectly organic, these will have no side effects! (Several medications lead to bad breath and seem to only further issues, we know how it feels) tell us what you think of these and let us know in the comments!

10. Oil Pulling:

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Oil pulling is an old Indian remedy used effectively in the country for a good long period of time, of-course its important to understand that most gum related issues stem for poor hygiene and several smaller issues can be cured if you start washing or brushing properly, but if you want instant results (by instant we mean in a few weeks, you can’t just clean your teeth,or stop your mouth from smelling by washing your teeth with oil once, remember perfectionists, realistic expectations) you’ll have to use oil pulling. Oil pulling reduces bacterial formation and prevents plaques. It’s also important to understand that oil pulling cannot reverse tooth decay, for that purpose a doctor should be consulted as mentioned prior.

The following method can be used if your going to try oil pulling for your gums,
1) Pour one tablespoon of sesame oil.
2) Swish it through your teeth for 15 minutes.
3) Rinse your mouth thoroughly using water (plenty of it). Repeat this process every day if you want the best results.

9. Sea Salt:

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Salt has several important qualities, it bring taste to all our foods and it’s chloride molecules have extraordinary cleansing properties. Mixing some salt in Luke warm water is one of the most effective, straight-forward and simple ways to clean teeth and wash away plaque. Try this simple remedy;
1) Brush first (brushing is extremely important)
2) Make a Luke warm solution of salt and water.
3)Take a few sips at a time and finish a glass gargling.

8. Tea Bags:

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Green tea has thousands of medicinal properties and we all know how amazing it is for weight loss. But has anyone ever told you the importance of black tea? (maybe they have but you probably didn’t know this fact). Black tea has effective anti-oxidant and can help reduce the pain and gum infections. Try these simple instructions and let us know if the tea bag remedy is helping improve your gums status:
1) Take a cup of hot water and dip in a simple tea bag.
2) After the tea is made, use the tea bag and press the tea bag on to the effected area for five minutes.
3) Use these regularly to heal gum infections, drinking green tea can also help with bad breath.

7. Chamomile Tea:

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Has anyone ever told you how effective cranberry juice is for people suffering from bowel infections or problems? Well, it’s practically essential. And that’s how essential chamomile tea is for curing gum inflammation. The tea contains antiseptic qualities and it not only helps reduce infection, it helps clear it away completely. Chamomile oil is highly recommended for gum infections and is a softer method to resolve gum related issues. Use this remedy and tell us if it helps you out;
1) Add a few chamomile flowers in to a cup of hot water and leave it for 10 minutes.
2) Let it cool after staining it.
3) Use this as a mouthwash and gargle it three times thoroughly.

6. Aloe-Vera:

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Aloe-Vera has soothing properties, and it can be used externally on the skin to cure skin related issues (to a small extent, see some of other related articles) and the same soothing quality of it can prove extremely beneficial for gums as well. If your inflammation has come to a point that your gums have started hurting, it may be time to start using an Aloe-Vera remedy (consult a doctor as well, inflammation can be a serious issue, use natural remedies only if your using them as a combination for helping sooth infection along with prescribed medicines. Natural remedies are only to be used alone if the problem isn’t serious).
1) Take a small quantity of Aloe gel and rub it on to your gums.
2) Or, leave the gel on your gums for half an hour.

5. Tea Tree Oil:

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Tree tea oil is the holy grail of oils, the best of the best when it comes to the medicinal properties it contains. It has been used to cure acne, athletes foot and several other skin related diseases. Lately it has been observed that tree tea oil is extremely beneficial for gum inflammation. In-fact at a point it was considered the most natural dental remedy out there. Tree tea Oil can be used to cure your problems as well through this simple get well recepie;
1) Put a drop of oil on to your toothpaste or brush.
2) Use the oil every time you brush.
3) Make sure not to swallow the oil.

4. Myrrh:

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Myrrh is commonly used for dental remedies and is amazing for helping you with bad breath. It also cures infections because of its outstanding antiseptic properties and is a go to home remedy cure for all kinds of gum related issues. Myrrh has been in use since the 5th century and is now a part of several medications that are used for dental purposes. Try this method for its application;
1) Add ten drops of tincture in some Luke warm water.
2) You can use salt water as well.
3) Use this to rinse your mouth. Continue this practice for a month and use the remedy two or three times a day.

3. Coconut Oil:

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The fragrance of coconut oil simply helps eliminate bad breath and helps you feel more fresh and confident about your gums and teeth, using it with baking soda can also help reduce plaque formation and can also help you reduce bacterial decay of teeth. Follow these simple instructions to help cure your gum issues;
1) Make a paste of baking soda and coconut oil.
2) Use this like toothpaste everyday (Remember not a replacement for toothpaste, simply an add-on).

2. Cranberry Juice:

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As mentioned before cranberry juice is highly recommended to urinary tract patients suffering from bacterial infections, well this is mainly because cranberry juice is rich in vitamin C, a vitamin that helps strengthen your immune system, and because of this property cranberry juice is useful for gum infections as well. Try this simple method and tell us if it works for you;
1) Try drinking as much cranberry juice as you can.
2) Keep some of it in your mouth before you drink it.

1. Fruits:

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Fruits come rich in all kinds of Vitamins and are an excellent way to fight back against bacteria, its best to load up on some fruits if your having gum problems. Grapes, berries and softer fruits won’t hurt your gums and will help heal your body.

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Article by: Born Realist