Here Are 20 Designer Fails That Will Make You Cry, “Why?“

It happens quite often that the design of public spaces and buildings somehow takes the wrong turn and end up being something hilarious and pitiful at the same time. Making the right decision while designing a building or a space can spare you from the regret you are going to follow. Here at Born Realist, we have gathered a list of fail designs that will make you question everything.

1. Bringing you a whole new dimension of chimney and fireplace together.

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

2. This bank must have got gigantic clients.

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

3. Last time I was there, this wasn’t there. Wonder, how did it get here?

Image credits:  Imgur

4. An innovative way to start up a conversation in an imaginative way!

Image credits: SuperPutin/Reddit

5. No worries! at least my hands will remain clean, the other hygiene can go into the drain.

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

6. I guess the residents of this house will never miss the train now.

Image credits: Imgur

7. Well, I have an authentic question! How did this wall come into being?

Image credits: IJustLikeRecords/Imgur

8. Well, this has been definitely done deliberately! Otherwise, where would Romeo have slept?

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

9. There has to be some explanation for this idea. I hope it is some genuine one.

Image credits: Porcelain1984/Imgur

10. Everything is fine, but safety first!

Image credits: Subtilico/Imgur

This Architect Designed Beautiful House Out Of Shipping Containers And The Interior Is As Good As The Exterior

11. This bank’s slogan must be, “No discrimination” whatever the sort is!

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

12. I guess the train is trained how to compromise in such situations.

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

13. I guess they made the model first!

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

14. Someone must have been on something while adding this one window detail.

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

 15. Nothing to worry about! this isn’t meant for human consumption.

Image credits: AceCooper/Imgur

16. How not to spoil the children!

The Too Cool To Do Drugs Pencil

Image credits:

17. To all the brown people, figure it out yourself!

Probably Should Have Put The Author's Name Somewhere Else

Image credits: Shockrates

18. The 9 3/4 platform is out of order!

This Escalator

Image credits: imgur

19. They must have whole another definition of being a disable.

How Is This Supposed To Work?

Image credits: kangaroonicorn

20. The mystery of an eraser!

What's The Point Of The Eraser?

Image credits:

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Article by Born Realist